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With over 10 years experience, you can trust Valentino to deliver the best possible outcome for your property sale

Valentino Peric

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"Delivered offers to us within days"

Our decision to appoint Valentino as our agent was made easy by the way he pitched his sale proposition to us.

His direction and approach to our marketing campaign was clearly articulated and Valentino delivered offers to us within days of being listed.

His passion, knowledge and experience of real estate is excellent and we would highly recommend Valentino to anyone thinking of selling.

- Brett Young

Real Estate Agent in Dianella & Morley - Valentino Peric


The first step is to educate yourself by researching the Dianella and Morley Real Estate market and, more importantly, your competition.

How To Sell Your Dianella House With Valentino Peric

Learn more about Valentino. Dianella and Morley Real Estate Sales Specialist with over 10 years industry experience.

Valentino Perc

Tips for smart sellers looking for ways to spruce up their property to add a little ‘wow factor’, helping it stand out from the rest.

How to boost your home value

How To make buyers fight to buy your home

Insight into what drives this bidding frenzy, and you don’t necessarily need an auction to have bidding

Learn How To Sell Your Home Fast



By Valentino

This property needed to be introduced to First Home buyers or family who is looking to downsize their current home. 


With that in mind advertising campaign was created that emphasised the quality of built, opulence and size.


Sold to lovely family who were looking to downsize. 

Dianella Real Estate Agent - Valentino Peric

6 Things to know



Research the marketplace


The first step is to educate yourself by researching the Dianella and Morley Real Estate market and, more importantly, your competition. Attend open homes to check out other properties for sale in your local area in the same price bracket.


Pre-sale preparation

Having your home presented well is one of the main things any home owner can do to ensure their property sells quickly and for a good price. So, 

  • De-clutter. Clean and tidy your home

  • Repair. Repair all fixtures and fittings before sale

  • Style. Re-arrange your furniture to make your home look bigger


Don’t overlook or neglect your outdoor areas.

Hit your local nursery and stock up on pot plants – you can always take these with you when you move. Use flowering annuals to add splashes of colour and indoor plants to add life to dark shady areas of your garden.


How to find a good Dianella and Morley Real Estate Agent

Make sure they have at least several years’ experience in real estate. You definitely cannot afford novice and someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, or someone who is not serious about their job.


Google agents name and surname.

You will be amazed what you can find out about a person from a simple Google search!


6 questions to ask before selecting a Real Estate Agent to sell your home:

  • Are you full-time in Real Estate?

  • Do you have any buyers on your books that are looking to purchase properties similar to mine?

  • What is my property worth on today’s market?

  • What is your marketing plan?

  • How long will my property take to sell?

  • What are your charges?


Dianella & Morley Real Estate Agent - Valentino Peric

​When you engage a Real Estate agent you never really know what they are going to be like until they start working for you, and like any industry, there are varying degrees of ability.


Real Estate is what I do full time, and it's what I specialize in - great results don't just happen, they are created!


With the focus on result I bring to the table passion and knowledge that you can rest assured everything that can be done, will be done.

The moment Valentino starts working for you, you will feel you have selected a agent that not only cares but strives each day to meet a standard that is set beyond most others in the industry because that's where I am comfortable.


To me every new Real Estate transaction is an opportunity to develop a new life long business relationship with each and every client.

Call or email me to discuss any Real Estate questions you might have. You'll get to speak with someone who actually understands Real Estate and has helped many local families sell their homes.


0432 273 085

5 Collier Road, Morley 

WA, 6062

Valentino Peric

Senior Sales Executive

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